Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ESMB Moto filled Weekend, August 13-14

It was a great weekend filled with 2wheel activities!

On Saturday we spent a great part of the day cleaning and detailing two ESMB motos, Stacie's BMW '69 r60us and mine, a '75 Honda 400Four Supersport.

Afterwards, we rode to downtown Los Angeles to join ESMB's Jeannette and Ezra at friend and fellow rider Chico's rooftop BBQ. There was great food, company, and spectacular views of downtown. The evening ended with a beautiful full moon.

Sunday began with picking up a motorcycle lift and a Moto GP breakfast. We then rode down to Long Beach to celebrate Jessica's birthday. Jessica owns Yellow Devil Gear Exchange, a motorcycle gear store that sells new and used motorcycle apparel and accessories on consignment.

There was an amazing three-tier cake made by friend and fellow moto rider, Amy, and lots of cool merchandise to try on and buy. Jeannette purchased a pair of super nice Dainese leather pants and Sidi boots that did not break the bank.

Lots of friends came by the store throughout the day, including Kevin a vintage racer and great photographer. Later Emma and motorcycle club BA Moto stopped by. The day ended with dinner at local hangout Pike. The ride home, although quick, was great with the sun setting!

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